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Mission Statement

Our Vision

To be a leading management school in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to educating future technology leaders.


Our Mission 

The Taiwan Tech School of Management aspires to cultivate technology leaders for the future. We will achieve this through high quality education and engaged research, and through productive partnerships with industry, government and the community.  In our business education, we emphasize the pursuit of sustainable business growth, innovation and corporate social responsibility. We prepare our graduates for professional careers in technology and management, while embracing the values of responsible global citizenship.


Our Strategic Priorities
Nurturing responsible global leaders as drivers of entrepreneurial innovation

The School of Management is a business school within one of Taiwan’s leading technology universities that positions itself as an international applied research university. Following Taiwan Tech’s overall strategic goals, the School of Management has set five strategic priorities which guide our future development. Our business education is aiming to cultivate future leaders in the technology industries who will be the drivers of digital transformation. Acknowledging the importance of adapting to the fast-changing environments in a globalized world, we have adopted a strategy of continuous innovation. We wish to promote a culture of diversity and we are fostering a global mindset that will enable our graduates to operate effectively across countries and cultures. Our faculty is dedicated to instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in all our students, and provides the skills and knowledge that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture. Finally, we are integrating social responsibility in our teaching, research, and the overall management of the School of Management.

Summarized , our strategic priorities lead to the acronym TIGER, fitting with the old logo of our school. 


T: Cultivating future leaders in Technology industries.

I: Pursuing continuous Innovation.

G: Adopting a Global outlook in teaching, research and administration.

E: Embracing an Entrepreneurial spirit.

R: Embedding social Responsibilty in our day to day activities