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About us

logoThe School of Management (SOM) of Taiwan Tech, founded in 1998, is one of the leading business schools in Taiwan, dedicated to educating future technology leaders. As a business school within a technology university, a particular strength of the SOM is its close connection with the engineering sciences. Most of our faculty have a background in engineering as well as in economics, and their research and teaching is geared to the needs of the technological industry. We have designed curricula that combine solid theoretical foundations with practical training, incorporating Design Thinking approaches and other PBL-based methods used in modern business education.

The SOM offers management programs at all levels, from Bachelor’s to Ph.D., delivered by three departments, two graduate institutes, and several special programs in Business Administration. Our faculty is made up of more than 80 outstanding educators who are dedicated to generating scholarship, leadership, and entrepreneurial thought. Apart from our full-time professors, we recruit some of Taiwan’s top business professionals as instructors to tap their knowledge and experience in delivering our programs. Being known for strong links with the business world, our students have many opportunities to apply their academic knowledge through internships and industry projects. 
As one of the few business schools in Taiwan, we are holding both AACSB and EQUIS international accreditations.


SOM Organizational chart 




Brief History

SOM Old LogoWhen the National Taiwan Institute of Technology (NTIT), the predecessor of Taiwan Tech, was founded in 1974, a Department of Industrial Management was one of the two departments of the newly established institution. As the NTIT was upgraded to university status in 1997, and renamed into National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, the whole institution underwent a process of restructuring, and the School of Management was established as one of the young university’s colleges in 1998.

Since then, two graduate institutes, the Graduate Institute of Finance (2002) and the Graduate Institute of Technology Management (2007) have been added, as well as several programs in Business Administration, i.e. the EMBA program in 1997 and the the MBA program in 2006. Other milestones in our history were the international accreditations through AACSB (first in 2013) and EQUIS (first in 2017). Since 2010, the SOM has actively pursued internationalization, establishing partnerships with many outstanding business schools world-wide and recruiting international degree students who now make up around 13 percent of its student body. 

In 2014, the so-called National Taiwan University System was established, an alliance between Taiwan Tech and neighboring National Taiwan University (NTU), and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). This “NTU Triangle Alliance” between a technical university, i.e. Taiwan Tech, a syscomprehensive, research-oriented university (NTU), and NTNU, an institution with a strong focus on the humanities and teacher training, has turned out to be mutually beneficial for all members. The three schools share campus resources, join hands in international promotion and marketing events, and cooperate in teaching and research.