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Research at the School of Management is characterized by its proximity to the engineering sciences and by its applied nature, thus embodying Taiwan Tech's mission as an international applied research university.

The overarching theme of  our research efforts is the digital transformation of industry in all its aspects. As a leading high-tech nation, the Taiwan government has defined the development of smart living technologies and industries through innovation in ICT as one of its goals (cf. National Science and Technology Development Plan, 2017 – 2021).
In line with this objective, researchers in our departments and graduate institutes focus on the interface “where technology meets management”. With our research, we wish to contribute to the transition to smart manufacturing and to the digitization of management processes in the local industry, in particular in Taiwan’s SMEs.


Research projects and publications often revolve around applications of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the IOT, blockchain technology etc., and how they impact management and manufacturing. The recently established university level Center of Intelligent Enterprise Development which is headed by the current Dean of the SOM, Professor Nai-wei LO, shows Taiwan Tech’s commitment to this aim. 

In spite of the strong focus on digital transformation, it has to be pointed out that research at the SOM is as diverse as our faculty, ranging from logistics, to workplace psychology, to attitudes towards environmental and sustainability, and marketing.More information on the research activities at SOM can be found on the websites of our departments and institutes. Also, SOM faculty is involved in the management of several cross-disciplinary research centers and research laboratories at Taiwan Tech, with different organizational structures and set-ups.