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Graduate Programs

Master's Programs
Our portfolio of graduate programs includes six master’s programs leading to a Master’s of Science degree or an MBA degree. Master’ of Science programs (36 credits) usually take two years to complete, and are a combination of taught and research-oriented programs. They emphasize training in analytical and research skills which will enable you to make confident, data-driven decisions in your future work life. Our MBA programs are also full-time, taught two-year programs with a requirement of 45 credits. In both types of graduate programs, a Master's thesis has to be written in the last semester. 
Courses in our Master's programs are taught in Chinese and English, with an ever-increasing offer of English-taught courses. 
Graduate programs are accessible to Bachelor's Degree holders in Business studies or other relevant disciplines. Admission exams and interviews may be held by the respective departments/ graduate institutes, please refer to the information on the respective homepages. 
For information on language and general admission requirements, please check Admissions.


List of Master's Programs

Doctoral Programs
Doctoral programs (2-7 years) leading to a Ph.D.- degree are offered by all our departments and graduate institutes. Doctoral students at the SoM are expected to earn at least 24 credits though course work (30 credits in the PhD program in Industrial Management)  
A Master's Degree, preferably in Business studies or other relevant disciplines, is required for admission. As a rule, Taiwan Tech does not offer Fast-track PhD-programs (“Direct Pursuit of the PhD-Degree“), but under certain circumstances Bachelor degree holders may apply for direct admission to a PhD-program (cf. Direct Pursuit of the PhD-Degree), offered by the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Information Management.

List of  PhD-Programs





Last update: 14 Jan 2022