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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides strategic advice to support to the School of Mangement's current development and future activities.Board members include distinguished leaders from various industries who help to develop strong links between the SOM and businesses, organisations, and policymakers.
 Members of the SOM Advisory Board are appointed by the Dean for an initial two-year term, which can be extended by two years if both parties agree.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board

  • Provide high-level strategic advice to support the to support the SOM's current development and future activities
  • Assist in developing strong links to businesses, organisations, and policymakers to ensure the continuing relevance of the SOM activities
  • Communicate perspectives on the needs of the business community for the skills and education required of SOM graduates
  • Provide industry input to determine future priority areas in research and curriculum development

Composition of the SOM Advisory  Board

  • Dean of the SOM
  • Chairperson
  • 8 -12 corporate members at senior executive level
  • Secretary,  provided by the SOM

Current Members of the  Industry Advisory Board

Last Name  First Name  Company  Position
WANG Rui-Zhi Capital Securities Corporation Chairman
CHAO Charles CELA, Microsoft Taiwan Vice President
KUO Michael COMDEK Industrial Corporation President
YAO Eric dX Creative House + dX Media Founder
SUNG Ting-Yi Eden Social Welfare Foundation Board Director
WU Daniel Foxlink Vice President
LIN Mao-Chang NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. Chairman
HSU Alex Pasona Taiwan Co., Ltd. President
CHANG James Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. Vice President
Chief Information Officer